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Intel Guide

"Help!!!1111oneeleven beeing attacked.... fuck... where are you????... Damn I am dead. Thank you"
This is bad intel. You deserve to die. Over and over again

"under attack, Suitonia, KBP Belt VIII - 1, Taranis"
This is good intel. Take a deep breath, align toward station / planet. You might/will get help. Shoot him in that time. Wait for help

"under Attack, 5 uncloaked, Ushra K'Han, Hound, Stabber, Vaga, Vaga, Scythe KBP Belt VIII - 2"
Thanks for the intel. You learn pretty fast. But you will die anyway. So give a shot at everyone so that you are on the killmail later.

"nice camp you have here.. So many ships."
Great. Thanks for this. 1st warning, then you will get shot. DO NEVER REPORT BLUE fleet position/actions in local or intel channels

"ffs. what twat anchored a bubble at the BW Gate???"
Uhhhhhhh... bad... very bad Kitty. Not good. Say bye to your ship.

Ratting guide

Cross linked from Mogandi.de

KOS Checker Guide

If you see a char showing as neut in local, and dont know him, open CVA KOS Checker in or out of game, check his Name, then his corp and his alliance.

Cloning Guide

What are "Jump Clones" and how do I use them ?
"Jump Clones" give you the ability to activate them at will and move your character to that clone at will.

What do I need to use "Jump Clones"?
You need a science skill called "Infomorph Psychology", which allows you to have +1 jump clone per level.

How do I create a "Jump Clone" ?
You have to be in an installation (station/outpost/mothership/titan/rorqual) with a medical facility to create a "Jump Clone", there is a second tab there in the window to install and destroy them.
To create a "Jump Clone" the owner of the installation must have at least +8 standings to you and your corporation.

How do I activate a "Jump Clone" ?
You have to be docked in a station with no training active, then in the character sheet there is a tab for jump clones, select the one you want to jump to, and right click on it the select "CLONE JUMP".
You can only clone jump once every 24 hours, so use it wisely.

Can I "Jump Clone" to a clone in the same station ?
Yes, and no. You can do it, but the game only allows 1 "Jump Clone" per station, so one of them will be destroyed. Currently it looks as though the "target" clone is destroyed (Read here, I will update this as soon as more information becomes available)

How do "Jump Clones" and normal clones relate to each other ?
They don't, they are two seperate parts of the game, even if they deal with the same topic of clones. Your clone contract (destination and skill points covered) are transferred to any "Jump Clone" that you activate.

What happens to my current clone when I "CLONE JUMP" ?
Your current clone becomes a "Jump Clone" target even if you are in a station without the required standings or a medical facility. Any implants that that clone might have are preserved in the clone and you don't get any benefits from them because they are not in your active clone.

What happens to my "Jump Clone" contract after activation then ?
It is transferred to where your old clone was before jumping. If your activated clone is in a location with the required standings you can then create another "Jump Clone" there if you want to.

So I can create a "Jump Clone", go to empire and then bounce back and forth between the two ?
Yes but don't forget there is a 24 hour time limit between clone jumps.

What happens if I get podded in my "Jump Clone" ?
You can never get podded in a "Jump Clone", they are targets that you can jump to. If you get podded your normal clone contract applies. So for example, if you are in empire and clone jump to a 0.0 installation and get podded, your empire clone still remains as a "Jump Clone" target.

Can I still train skills after activating a "Jump Clone" ?
Yes, you can start training again right away, but the clone will only get the benefits from any currently installed implants.

Overview Settings
Shows war targets
Shows reds
Shows neutrals
Shows Cyno's
Shows stations
Shows bombs
Shows stargates
Shows NPC rats
Hides blues
Hides alliance members
Hides wrecks
Hides biomass
Hides gate guns
Hides cans

Shows war targets
Shows reds
Shows neutrals
Shows Cyno's
Shows stations
Shows bombs
Shows stargates
Shows NPC rats
Shows blues
Shows alliance members
Shows wrecks
Shows biomass
Shows cans
Hides gate guns

0.0, 0.0 (no neutrals), looting, logistig, dread, battleship, carrier, drones (friendly), drones (hostile), (H-)Ictor (hostile), scan (ff), scan (jb), Clear sky (no brackets)