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Different Infos

Important skills

5 Electronics (increases CPU)
4/5 Electronics Upgrades (CPU mods)
4 Long-Range Targeting (lock targets farther away)
4/5 Signature Analysis (lock targets faster)
4/5 Targeting (lock more targets)

5 Engineering (increases powergrid)
4/5 Energy Grid Upgrades (allows for use of powergrid-extension mods)
5 Energy Systems Operation (increases capacitor recharge rate)
4/5 Energy Management (increases capacitor capacity, indirectly increasing cap charge rate more)

Shield Tanking skills, under Engineering (if you fly all Caldari or some Mimmatar shield based ships)
5 Shield Operation (base Shield skill)
4/5 Shield Compensation (affects active shield booster effectiveness)
4/5 Shield Upgrades (Shield mods)
4/5 Shield Management (Shield capacity)
4 *damagetype* Shield Compensation (4 skills, 1 per damage type, works on passive/inactive hardeners)
4/5 Tactical Shield Manipulation (prevents damage "bleed-through" at certain percentages of shield)

Mechanic (Armor tanking skills, Amarr, Gallente, and some Mimmatar ships)
5 Mechanic (base skill, increases hull strength)
4/5 Repair Systems (armor repair mods)
5 Hull Upgrades (base armor strength skill, allows for armor/hull mods)
4/5 *damagetype Armor Compensation (same deal as Shield Compensation)

Damage types

Amarr Navy - EM/Thermal
Angel Cartel - Kinetic / Explosive / Thermal
Blood - EM/Thermal
Caldary navy - Kinetic/Thermal
Gurista, Mordus, Gallente - Kinetic/Thermal
Khanid - EM/Thermal
Mercenary - EM/Thermal/ (Kinetik (missiles)
Minmatar Fleet - Thermal / Explosive
Mordus - Kinetic/thermal
Odamian - Kin/therm
Rogue Pirate - EM/Explosive/Kinetic
Sansha - EM/Thermal
Serpentis - Thermal / Kinetic
Blood Raider - Thermal / EM
Sansha's Nation - EM / Thermal
Thukker - Kinetic/Thermal/Explosive
Zazzmatazz - all types of dmg

Faction NPCs

** Note - Officers only spawn in -0.8 threw -1.0 True Sec status
Faction and Hauler spawns can be found in empire and 0.0 however faction BS will only appear in 0.0

Faction: Dread Gurista
Deadspace: Pith
Home Region: Venal

Faction: Domination
Deadspace: Gist
Home Region: Curse

Faction: Shadow Serpentis
Deadspace: Core
Home Region: Fountain

Sansha's Nation:
Faction: True Sansha
Deadspace: Centus
Home Region: Stain

Blood Raiders:
Faction: Dark Blood
Deadspace: Corpus
Home Region: Delve

Mission types

Administration: 50% Kill, 50% Courier
Advisory: 34% Kill, 66% Courier
Archives: 5% Kill, 90% Courier, 5% Trade
Astrosurveying: 40% Kill, 30% Courier, 25% Mining, 5% Trade
Command: 97% Kill, 3% Courier
Distribution: 5% Kill, 95% Courier
Intelligence: 85% Kill, 15% Courier
Internal Security: 95% Kill, 5% Courier
Legal: 50% Kill, 50% Courier
Manufacturing: 5% Kill, 95% Courier
Marketing: 5% Kill, 95% Courier
Mining: 5% Kill, 85% Courier, 10% Mining (II)
Production: 5% Kill, 95% Courier
Public Relations: 34% Kill, 66% Courier
R&D;*: 0% Kill, 50% Courier(S), 50% Trade
Security: 90% Kill, 5% Courier, 5%Trade
Storage: 5% Kill, 95% Courier(L)
Surveillance: 95% Kill, 5% Courier

Complexes: maximum ship size allowed

1/10 Frigate
2/10 Destroyer
3/10 Cruiser
4/10 Battle Cruiser
5/10 Battle Ship

Exploration Site Types

Exploration Skills

Security status: Empire restrictions

Below -2 = not in 1.0 sec systems
Below -2.5 = not in 0.9 sec systems
Below -3 = not in 0.8 sec systems
Below -3.5 = not in 0.7 systems
Below -4 = not in 0.6 systems
Below -4.5 = not in 0.5 systems
-5 or below = KOS in all empire.

Scanner range

149,598,000 km = 1 AU
300,000,000 = 2 AU
450,000,000 = 3 AU
600,000,000 = 4 AU
750,000,000 = 5 AU
900,000,000 = 6 AU
1,050,000,000 = 7 AU
1,200,000,000 = 8 AU
1,350,000,000 = 9 AU
1,500,000,000 = 10 AU
1,650,000,000 = 11 AU
1,800,000,000 = 12 AU
1,950,000,000 = 13 AU

Max Scanner Range = 14.355 AU = 2,147,483,647 km

Stacking penalties

1st mod: c(1) = 100,000% effectiveness
2nd mod: c(2) = 86,9119842% effectiveness
3rd mod: c(3) = 57,1037996% effectiveness
4th mod: c(4) = 28,2469117% effectiveness
5th mod: c(5) = 10,5988834% effectiveness
6th mod: c(6) = 2,9989473% effectiveness
7th mod: c(7) = 0,5134081% effectiveness
8th mod: c(8) = 0,2106917% effectiveness

Targeting systems

Minmatar - Ladar - Phase Inverter (red)
Caldari - Gravimetric - Spatial Destabilizer (blue)
Gallente - Magnetometric - Ion Field (green)
Amarr - Radar - White Noise (yellow)

Gas Cloud Constellations

Constellation near Orvolle and FD-MLJ
Discovered by Poteque Pharmaceuticals (Gallente)

Constellation out in Solitude

Constellation between Gallente and Minmatar space
Discovered by Eifyr and Co. (Minmatar)

Constellation between Minmatar space and Drone regions

Constellation between Minmatr and Caldari space
Discovered by Zainou (Caldari)

Constellation between Caldari space and Pure Blind region

Constellation between Amarr space and BoB space
Discovered by HZO Refinery (Amarr)

Constellation between Minmatar space and Drone regions

Implant types

Edge (Syndicate) - LG and -% to booster effects
Angel Cartel - Halo (LG+HG, Ship Signature Radius)
Serpentis - Snake (LG+HG, Ship Velocity)
Gurista - Crystal (LG+HG, Shield Boost Amount)
Sansha - Slaves (LG+HG, Armour HP)
Blood Raider - Talisman (LG+HG, Energy Emission Systems Duration)
Thukker - Nomad (LG, Ship Agility)
Mordus - Centurion (LG, EW Optimal Range)
Sisters of Eve - Virtue (LG, Scan Probe Strength)
ORE - Harvest (LG, Mining Laser Range)

1. Shield

Slot 6
Zainou “Gnome“ KUA Shield upgrade power need
Zainou “Sprite” KXX Capital shield transfer cap consumption

Zainou “Gnome” KVA Shield capacity

Slot 8
Zainou “Gnome” KXA Shield transfer cap consumption

Slot 9
Zainou “Gnome” KYA Shield recharge rate

2. Armour

Slot 6
Inherent Implants „Gentry“ ZEX1 Capital armour repairer duration
Inherent Implants „Noble“ ZET1 Repair systems duration

Slot 7
Inherent Implants „Gentry“ ZEX2 Capital remote armour repairer cap need
Inherent Implants „Noble“ ZET2 Remote repair systems cap need

Inherent Implants “Noble” ZET3 Hull HP

Slot 9
Inherent Implants “Noble” ZET4 Repair system repair amount

Slot 10
Inherent Implants “Noble” ZET5 Armor HP

3. Missiles

Slot 6
Zainou “Gnome” KTA Launcher CPU need
Zainou “Sharpshooter” ZMX Citadel torpedo damage
Zainou “Snapshot” ZMT Torpedo damage
Zainou “Snapshot” ZMU Cruise missile damage

Slot 7
Zainou “Deadeye” ZMC Missile flight time
Zainou “Deadeye” ZML Missile velocity
Zainou “Snapshot” ZME Heavy assault missile damage
Zainou “Snapshot” ZMH Heavy missile damage

Slot 8
Zainou “Deadeye” ZMA Heavy, light and cruise missile explosion radius
Zainou “Snapshot” ZMD Defender missile velocity

Slot 9
Zainou “Deadeye” ZMS All missiles explosion velocity
Zainou “Snapshot” ZMN Standard missile damage
Zainou “Snapshot” ZMR Rocket damage

Slot 10
Zainou “Deadeye” ZMM All launcher rate of fire
Zainou “Snapshot” ZMF f.o.f. missile explosion radius

4. Hybrid Guns

Slot 6
Zainou “Deadeye” ZGS Small hybrid turret damage

Slot 7
Eifyr and Co “Gunslinger” AX Turret tracking speed
Inherent Implants “Lancer” G_-Beta Turret cap need
Zainou “Deadeye” ZGC Turret falloff

Slot 8
Zainou “Deadeye” ZGM Medium hybrid turret damage

Slot 9
Eifyr and Co “Gunslinger” CX All turret damage
Inherent Implant “Lancer” G_-Delta All turret rate of fire
Zainou “Deadeye” ZGA All turret optimal range

Slot 10
Zainou “Deadeye” ZGL Large hybrid turret damage
Zainou “Gnome“ KZA All turret cpu need

5. Laser

Slot 6
Inherent Implants „Lancer“ G_-Alpha Small laser damage

Slot 7
Eifyr and Co “Gunslinger” AX Turret tracking speed
Inherent Implants “Lancer” G_-Beta Turret cap need
Zainou “Deadeye” ZGC Turret falloff

Slot 8
Inherent Implants “Lancer” G_-Gamma Medium laser damage

Slot 9
Eifyr and Co “Gunslinger” CX All turret damage
Inherent Implant “Lancer” G_-Delta All turret rate of fire
Zainou “Deadeye” ZGA All turret optimal range

Slot 10
Inherent Implant “Lancer” G_-Epsilon Large laser damage
Zainou “Gnome“ KZA All turret cpu need

6. Projectile Turrets

Slot 6
Eifyr and Co „Gunslinger“ SX Damage to small projectile turrets

Slot 7
Eifyr and Co “Gunslinger” AX Turret tracking speed
Zainou “Deadeye” ZGC Turret falloff

Eifye and Co “Gunslinger” MX Medium projectile turret damage

Slot 9
Eifyr and Co “Gunslinger” CX All turret damage
Inherent Implant “Lancer” G_-Delta All turret rate of fire
Zainou “Deadeye” ZGA All turret optimal range

Slot 10
Eifyr and Co “Gunslinger” LX Large projectile turret damage
Zainou “Gnome“ KZA All turret cpu need

7. Navigation

Slot 6
Eifyr and Co „Rogue“ AY Ship agility
Eifyr and Co “Rogue” EY Afterburner duration
Eifyr and Co “Rogue” FY Warp cap need
Eifyr and Co “Rogue” HY Warp speed

Slot 7
Eifyr and Co “Roguer” CY Ship speed

Eifyr and Co “Rogue” DY Afterburner cap consumption

Slot 9
Eifyr and Co „Rogue“ GY MWD cap consumption

Slot 10
Eifyr and Co „Rogue“ MY MWD and AB speed increase

8. Engineering

Slot 6
Inherent Implants „Squire“ CR Cap recharge time
Inherent Implants „Squire” PG Ship power output

Slot 7
Inherent Implants „Squire” EE Energy emission systems cap need
Inherent Implants „Squire” EP Smartbomb duration
Inherent Implants „Squire” GU Powergrid upgrade cpu need

Slot 8
Inherent Implants „Squire” CC Capacitor capacity

9. Electronics

Slot 6
Zainou “Gypsy” KLB Elecronics upgrades cpu need
Zainou “Gypsy” KMB CPU output

Slot 7
Zainou “Gypsy” KNB Sensor Resolution

Slot 8
Zainou “Gypsy” KPB Targeting Range
Zainou “Gypsy” KQB Propulsion jamming cap consumption

Slot 9
Zainou “Gypsy” KOB Electronic Warfare cap consumption
Zainou “Gypsy” KRB Sensor link cap consumption
Zainou “Gypsy” KSB Weapon disrupter cap consumption
Zainou “Gypsy” KTB Target Painter cap consumption

10. Mining

Slot 8
Eifyr and Co "Alchemist" ZA Decrease Gas Cloud Harvester cycle time

Slot 10
Inherent Implants "Highwall" HX Bonus to mining yield
Inherent Implants "Highwall" HY Reduction in CPU penality for mining upgrades
Inherent Implants "Yeti" BX Decrease Ice Harvester cycle time

11. Exploration

Slot 6
Poteque Pharmaceuticals "Prospector" PPF Reduction of maximum scan deviation

Slot 7
Poteque Pharmaceuticals "Prospector" PPG Bonus to scan strenght

Slot 8
Poteque Pharmaceuticals "Prospector" PPH Bonus to scan speed with scan probes

Slot 9
Poteque Pharmaceuticals "Prospector" PPW Increase chance of archaeological find
Poteque Pharmaceuticals "Prospector" PPX Increase chance of data retrieval (hacking)
Poteque Pharmaceuticals "Prospector" PPY Increase chance of salvage retrieval

Slot 10
Poteque Pharmaceuticals "Prospector" PPZ Reduction in cycle time for salvage, hacking and archaeology Modules

12. Industry, Research & Invention

Slot 6
Zainou "Beancounter" I Bonus to blueprint manufacturing time research

Slot 8
Zainou "Beancounter" K Bonus to blueprint copying speed
Hier bin ich mir nicht ganz sicher, laut unterschiedlichen Quellen kommt das K Implantat entweder in Slot 7 ODER Slot 8
Zainou "Beancounter" H Reduction in refinery waste
Zainou "Beancounter" F Reduction in manufacturing waste

Slot 9
*unknown* "Draftsman" GI Boosts the pilots skill at invention

13. Social

Slot 6
*unknown* "Consul" PPA Bonus to NPC agent, corporation and faction standing

Slot 7
*unknown* "Consul" PPB Additional pay for agent missions

Slot 8
*unknown* "Consul" PPC Bonus to effective standing towards friendly NPC corps

Slot 9
*unknown* "Consul" PPD Bonus to effective standing towards hostile agents

Slot 10
*unknown* "Consul" PPE Bonus to effective security rating